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Sanrio x 64 Colors Collection at BoxLunch

Posted on July 19, 2018 by

I’ve long been a fan of the retro-style kawaii designs of 64 Colors. They recently teamed up with Sanrio for a super cute collection that’s available exclusively at BoxLunch.

Sanrio x 64 Colors Hello Kitty tshirt

It features a whole new side to Hello Kitty as a motorbike-riding superhero ninja! I would definitely read this comic if it existed, but a t-shirt is almost as fun.

Sanrio x 64 Colors Deery Lou tshirt

Hello Kitty takes up most of the products but there’s an appearance by Deery Lou. I love all the details and colours on this ringer t-shirt.

Sanrio x 64 Colors kawaii mug

The bold minimal colour schemes really pop on products that can often be quite boring. I would love to add this mug to my collection.

Sanrio x 64 Colors kawaii sticky notes

Prices are quite affordable throughout the collection but it’s great to see stationery and accessories for those on a small budget. How adorable are these sticky memos featuring 64 Colors characters?

Sanrio x 64 Colors kawaii enamel pin

And of course, there’s a few enamel pins! You can check out the whole Sanrio x 64 Colors collection online at BoxLunch – they do ship outside of the USA but it appears to be courier-only which is pricey.


Hyper Japan 2018 Recap

Posted on July 18, 2018 by

Hyper Japan is a highlight of the SCK calendar and this summer’s event was at a new venue with all the usual kawaii shops, performers, workshops and more.

Hyper Japan 2018 - ARTBOX kawaii plush


After a bit of a nightmare journey I finally made it to Hyper Japan at Olympia and headed straight for the ARTBOX Sensory Squishy & Mochi Plush Area to squish all the mochis – they’re just so soft!

Hyper Japan 2018 - ARTBOX kawaii plush

There were cute Rilakkuma and Sumikko Gurashi mochis but I completely fell in love with an adorable little mochi panda and had to take him home.

Hyper Japan 2018 - ARTBOX Pusheen plush

I was also excited to see some of the new Pusheenimals, including the lion, pug and seal plushies, plus hamster friend Cheeks! The larger ARTBOX stall featured all the Sanrio characters and I was very tempted by some Pompompurin shorts and fun face packs.

Hyper Japan 2018 - Tofu Cute matsuri

Tofu Cute had a Matsuri area with three fun games to play: Ramune Ring Toss, Catch-a-gacha and Senbonbiki Snacks. I decided not to do the Ring Toss as I’m useless at throwing stuff and tried out the other two games.

Hyper Japan 2018 - Tofu Cute matsuri

Senbonbiki Snacks featured some Japanese snacks tied to strings and you just pulled one to win a prize! I got some Snoopy Pocky so I was pleased with that. The Catch-a-gacha was a little more tricky in that you had to catch one pink ball and one blue ball along with a gachapon whilst avoiding the white balls which was actually harder than it sounds!

Hyper Japan 2018 - Tofu Cute matsuri prizes

I managed it in the end though and won a tiny Sumikko Gurashi padlock. It was really well done and I enjoyed playing both the games.

Hyper Japan 2018

As I browsed the stalls a giant stack of pancakes caught my eye over at the NHK stand. Sadly they weren’t edible as they were actually a hat! Obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance to wear a pancake stack on my head so posed for some hilarious photos.

Hyper Japan 2018 - Wheelcake Island

Those delicious looking pancakes were making me hungry so I headed up to the food court for a wheelcake. These are traditional Taiwanese thick fluffy pancakes with a filling inside. I went for the vanilla custard and it was so yummy! I noticed a lot of interesting stalls upstairs and made a note to return the next day to check them out.

Hyper Japan 2018 - Animal Crossing cosplay


I’ve always wanted to try cosplay so decided I would dress up as my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp character in my favourite outfit, the fruit-tart dress and matching hat. It was a lot of work to sew all the different elements into the dress but I was really happy with the end result and had so many nice comments – thank you all so much!

Hyper Japan 2018 - Tofu Cute matsuri

I felt bad about not doing the Ring Toss game on Saturday so held a poll on Instagram to see if I should do it today and the answer was a resounding yes! I was pretty rubbish at it but got lucky and managed to get rings on two bottles so I was happy with my lychee Ramune.

Hyper Japan 2018 - kawaii

As I’d spent most of my time downstairs on Saturday, I headed upstairs where most of the smaller shops and independent designers had their stalls. I loved the tiny Amuse dessert plushies and Santa Pikachu!

Hyper Japan 2018 - kawaii

There were a lot of cool items  which caught my eye including Harry Potter lanyards by Mojgon, awesome Pokemon and Ghibli inspired pins and Isabelle print by Ohayou! Clothing, spooky cute ghost stickers by Amy Blue and kawaii food animal pins by Banana Clover – I couldn’t resist adding the Bearsicle pin to my collection.

Hyper Japan 2018

After some food and a last look round the stalls, I bought a couple more cans of Pokémon soda from Tofu Cute and then it was time for me and Mochi Panda to say goodbye to Hyper Japan festival and head home.

You can view lots more photos and videos in our archived Instagram story and Facebook album.

Hyper Japan winter 2018

Hyper Japan‘s Winter Festival will be back at Olympia London over the weekend of 16-18 November. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for updates nearer the time.


Creamiicandy Squishy Giveaway Winners

Posted on July 18, 2018 by

Time to find out who wins a box of squishies from Creamiicandy! And the winners are…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations to & Joyce (International) & Zoe (UK) ! Check your inbox for how to claim your prize, or email us.

  Creamiicandy Kawaii Squishy Giveaway

If you weren’t lucky this time, you’ll have another chance quite soon as we’ll be giving away the rest of the box for SCK’s 10th birthday in September!

Check back later for a new post.

Let's Go Shopping!

Kawaii Fruit Enamel Pins

Posted on July 17, 2018 by

One of the things that I like best about summer is the large selection of fruits. I love mixing fruit with muesli and dipping tortilla chips into homemade guacamole. If you’d like to show your love for fruit, I can recommend the following cheerful enamel pins!

kawaii avocado enamel pins

This chubby avocado enamel pin is so cute that I could almost eat it. Creator JennifairyW has also made a watermelon buddy pin that would like to travel with you.

kawaii banana enamel pins

You can leave it up to PonyPeople to create something cute, as this Bunana enamel pin shows. It’s a rare mix between a bunny and a banana, so you get the best of both worlds.

kawaii bunny enamel pins

Bunnies seem popular to be mixed with fruit because I found another one! Milkybon has designed the peach bunny pin (a.k.a. Angel Momousagi), aiming to conquer your heart.

kawaii peach enamel pins

This cute peach enamel pin is here to remind you that life can be peachy. If life throws you lemons, you might enjoy this sour lemon pin from the same designer.

kawaii bat enamel pins

At Kittynaut you can find a whole selection of animals balancing snacks on their head. This kawaii bat enamel pin is my favorite, but you should really check out the shop for more pins (such as the Alpaca).

Kawaii Reviews, Subscription Boxes

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box Review

Posted on July 16, 2018 by

The new Creative Kawaii surprise box is aimed at anyone who loves trying cute DIY crafts. It’s run by Nikki, who some of you might remember from the SCK craft writer audition posts. She decided to start her own box when she couldn’t find a subscription box dedicated to kawaii crafts. The first box has a summer theme and she sent one over for me to try out.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

It arrived the next day with everything packaged inside a large flat box. You get three complete craft kits designed by Nikki, which will include at least one sewing project and one other type of craft.  Everything looked so cute and colourful and I felt excited to get going. I really liked that everything you need is included, even needle and thread, so you can start straight away. You just need to provide your own scissors and glue.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

As well as the craft kits, you also get some cute stickers and stationery! The binder clips are another really nice touch – you need them to make the bumblebee but they’re cute to use for your journal or studying after.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

I eventually decided to start with the watermelon pouch. This is best done with a sewing machine but you can hand sew it if you don’t have one. Each kit comes with a multi-page booklet with detailed instructions and full colour photos + printed templates.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

The first part is all hand sewing as you create the face with felt and embroidery using the printed template as a guide. The kit included iron-on transfer paper to help you cut the small pieces from felt. I had never used this before and couldn’t believe how much easier it was – such a great tip!

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

I hadn’t used my sewing machine – or inserted a zip – for quite a while and I struggled a bit at this point. I would have liked a few pointers on using a zipper foot or even a link to an online guide. I could have googled myself but without the nudge, I just carried on. As it was, I got things all tangled up at one end and nearly ripped the fabric, having to leave it a bit wonky. While it’s great that the kit includes exactly what you need, it would be a bit of a problem if you damage anything.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

The lining didn’t go quite as planned either as I couldn’t figure out how much smaller it needed to be to fit nicely and it ended up a bit too big. I have to say I will be avoiding both zippers and linings in future sewing projects! Despite all this, it’s still very cute and useful – and big enough to use as a pencil case or travel pouch.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

I didn’t plan to make the felt frog for this review as I’ve hand-sewn a million things from felt over the years. However I enjoyed the watermelon embroidery so much that I picked it up to sew in front of the TV. Again, the iron-on transfer paper made this so easy to cut out all the fiddly bits and it had some great details. The way the hands are attached to look like it’s holding the daisy is really well done.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

This turned out exactly like the photos so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes hand-sewing. You could attach a brooch pin or keyring to get more use out of it.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

I was really looking forward to making the bumblebee as I recently got a bit obsessed with making things from pom poms and this one is so cute! It uses fleece instead of yarn, so I was interested to see the difference. The kit has templates to create your own pom pom maker from cardboard and the included binder clips. I was really hoping it would be the same size as my wooden donut Pom Maker but sadly not. Making the cardboard version was pretty tedious but otherwise it was very similar to making a yarn pom pom.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

My stripes were a bit messy but otherwise it turned out well. Trimming the poms to a neat size is definitely the most important step as it makes a huge difference. After you join it all together, there are more felt pieces to cut and glue on. I balked at the thought of sewing a white glint into each tiny eye but it does add an extra touch of cuteness. There are a lot of tiny fiddly details with these kits but they’re all worth making the effort.

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

The bee is definitely my favourite piece – it’s so fluffy! Since you get printed instructions and templates, it’s easy to make everything again with your own supplies. I might try this bee again with yarn – and on my Pom Maker!

Creative Kawaii Surprise Box

Overall, I really enjoyed the Creative Kawaii surprise box. I’ve never found a subscription box I can commit to, as I find I end up with so much unnecessary stuff cluttering up the house. With this one, you get the enjoyment and satisfaction of making things by hand and learning new tricks, with finished items that you can use or gift. I’d recommend it for anyone who enjoys trying new crafts, especially if you love sewing by hand.

Creative Kawaii

The first Creative Kawaii surprise box is available now from Etsy at £17.50 ($23) + shipping. You can also pre-order the Autumn (Fall)-themed box at a special price of £16 ($21). It ships in September and then the contents will be revealed and the box made available at a higher price. There’s no subscription option yet so you can pick and choose depending on the theme. I hope you’ll give it a try as it’s a great idea and I’d love to see it continue.

(Box was provided by Creative Kawaii for review but all words, photographs and opinions are my own.)