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Hello Kitty x PBteen Kawaii Home Collection

Posted on June 18, 2018 by

If your bedroom could do with a bit of kawaii glam, you need to check out the new Hello Kitty x PBteen collection.

Hello Kitty x PBteen Kawaii Home Collection

The whole collection is right on trend with a blush pink, ivory, white and black colour scheme  plus plenty pops of shiny gold. It’s a big collection too with everything from bedding and lighting to organisation and decorations.

Hello Kitty x PBteen Kawaii Home Collection

My personal favourite is this bean bag of Hello Kitty’s head with a giant gold bow. Perfect for lounging around. There’s loads more fun stuff though including a lamp, mirror, sleeping bag and a portable speaker that looks just like a plush toy!

Hello Kitty x PBteen Kawaii Home Collection

The Hello Kitty x PBteen collection is available online now and in stores next month with prices ranging from $16 to $279. It’s only available in the USA and in a stunningly mean move, EU residents are blocked from even viewing the website to look at all the photos! I’m not sure Hello Kitty would approve. If you’d like to see more photos, Hello Kitty Junkie has shared them all on Instagram.

SCK News

SCK Summer Intern – Last Chance to Apply

Posted on June 16, 2018 by

summer intern

Just a reminder that applications for our Summer Intern close tomorrow. We’ve had some great applications but we’d love to hear from you too. You can find all the details here.

I’ll be contacting a short list next week with a few extra questions, though at the moment the short list includes everyone – it’s going to be very difficult to choose.

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Cute Papercrafts Projects & Inspiration

Posted on June 15, 2018 by

Not too long ago I found myself on the hunt for some new and original ways to use my ever-growing stationery collection, and I ended up discovering several Japanese YouTube tutorials that definitely help fill the cute scrapbooking void. While the videos do only include Japanese subtitles, they are shot clearly and in a manner that makes it very easy to follow along with, even if you can’t read Japanese.

A video from Fromegg shows you how to make a cute memo set storage folder. I like how you can use this method to make several, and organize them by different themes or characters! This would also be a cute way to gift or trade stationery as well.

Most of this list consists of the ASMR videos by Nattsun, just because she has so many great ones. While it’s a bit on the longer side, she has a thorough tutorial on how to make a paper storage file using an A4 envelope and lots of paper findings!

Nattsun also has tutorials on how to make several different sticker storage albums. This one works well if you have a moderate amount of sticker flakes or small sheets.

…However, if you need a larger book that can hold full sticker sheets as well as flakes, she has a video on how to make larger sticker storage file book that can store both! This would also be a great way to store memo sheets and stationery, too.

She also has a video on how to make an easy “slipper” file – this would be a cute alternative to pocket pages for stationery trades, or even a sentimental gift by adding cute notes or photos!

If you enjoy papercrafts, there’s also a large variety of papercraft DIYs to check out in the DIY Crafts section!

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Cute 80s Toys Nostalgic Picks

Posted on June 14, 2018 by

It’s my birthday month and I am nostalgic for the toys I grew up with. I was a child in the 80s and let me tell you – we had some fabulous toys! Here are a few things that make me think of my younger years that work for my life right now.

80s Toys Care Bears necklace

This Grumpy Bear necklace from Vinca’s Care Bears collaboration would turn a blue day bright!

Hello Kitty makeup drop

A trip to the mall would not be complete without a stop to Sanrio (aka the Hello Kitty store) for my sister and I. I would totally use this Hello Kitty makeup sponge in my makeup routine!

80s Toys Beetlejuice plush

My favorite movie as a kid was Beetlejuice. I think that movie is what defined who I am as an adult. I love this lil plush version of him from Itty Bittys.

80s Toys Pee Wee Chairry

One of the things that I dreamed of having as a kid was talking furniture. Sadly, I still do not own any but I can dream with this cute Funko Pop Chairry and reminisce about Saturday morning fun.

80s Toys - spirograph

I liked art stuff as a kid and Spirograph was something I could play with for hours! I loved how the designs came together and looked artistic without much effort. This Travel Spirograph (USA / UK) would be great to take to a coffee house and doodle with while enjoying a drink.

Did you grow up in the 80s? If so do you have any favorite toys?

Kawaii Reviews

Creamiicandy Squishies Review: My Favourites

Posted on June 13, 2018 by

Recently, Creamiicandy sent me a GINORMOUS box of kawaii squishies to try from their Puni Maru, Yummiibear and Cheeki Monkey ranges. There are so many that I’m splitting this into two posts. First I’ll show you my top ten favourites and then in a few weeks Nicolette and I will rate them all by cuteness, squishiness, scent, packaging etc. (and then we’ll have a giveaway!)

Creamiicandy Squishies

I haven’t really bought into the squishy craze yet so these are the ones that I picked out while photographing everything because they had something special that I loved.

Creamiicandy Squishies animal popsicles

Creamiicandy Squishies animal popsicles

1. Animal Popsicles

This whole set is adorable and they even have fun packaging to look like individual ice lollies. I especially liked that the ‘wooden’ stick is made of a thicker material so you can really hold them like lollies. My favourite two are the dragon and bunny – the dragon just pips it as it smells of melon! They’re very soft and slow rising so fun to play with.

Creamiicandy Squishies octopus ice cream

Creamiicandy Squishies octopus ice cream

2. Magnetic Stacking Octopus Ice Cream

I didn’t quite figure out what these were until I saw them on Creamiicandy’s website. Each squishy has a magnet inside so you can stack them up into your own ice cream. It gets a bit wobbly once you stack more than two but there’s lots of different colours and flavours to mix and match so it’s great fun.

Creamiicandy Squishies unicorn dango

3. Unicorn Dango

This dango was one of the first pieces I pulled out of the box and stayed as one of my top favourites. I just love the rainbow colours and that shiny gold horn. It’s pretty big and a fun shape for squishing too.

Creamiicandy Squishies Yummiibear strawberry

4. Yummiibear Hugging Strawberry

I can never resist an animal/food combo and Creamiicandy’s own Yummiibear is super cute. There were a few in the box but this one is the sweetest with a sleepy face and strawberry theme. The big strawberry is very slow rising and satisfying to squish.

Creamiicandy Squishies marshmallow kittens

5. Marshmallow Kittens

Who can resist tiny squishy foodie kittens? I really liked the spoon and fork charms included with these, which really add to the dessert theme. I can’t quite pick between the pink and blue versions – they’re both too cute.

Creamiicandy Squishies pineapple donut

6. Pineapple Donut

This squishy is massive and also rises quite quickly so it’s good for exercising my nerve-damaged hand. It also has one of the cutest charms, that I would happily use by itself. It’s got a nice strong pineapple scent too.

Creamiicandy Squishies cheeki monkey magician

Creamiicandy Squishies cheeki monkey charm

7. Magician Cheeki

Cheeki & Cheeka Monkey are another of Creamiicandy’s characters and there were loads of squishies in the box. I especially liked the premium designs that come packaged in themed boxes and have extra special charms. I love Magician Cheeki’s fangs and cape, while the charm is really great quality with water inside. It’s super slow rising too.

Creamiicandy Squishies cheeki banana

Creamiicandy Squishies cheeki banana

8. Cheeka’s Mini Fruity Banana

These are very silly but I love them. The packaging is very clever, made to look like net grocery bags and the charms are really cute too. There’s just something about a banana that looks like a strawberry that gets me. Fits perfectly in your hand for squishing too.

Creamiicandy Squishies candy floss koala

9.  Cotton Candy Koala

There’s nothing particularly notable about these – they’re just really really cute! I love their expressions and pastel colours. If forced to pick one, it would be the pink koala chomping away at the cotton candy.

Creamiicandy Squishies food poo

Creamiicandy Squishies burger poo

10. Crazy Poo

I am really not into the kawaii poo craze, but these are really fun, so let me just pretend it’s cream. This set of food-themed poos are a collaboration with TheHollycopter and come with matching kawaii charms. They’re all sweet, but I like the burger best.

Creamiicandy Squishies

Are any of these going on your wish list? Which would you like to see in the giveaway?

You can buy most of these online from Creamiicandy, or look out for Puni Maru stockists near you. If you can’t find what you want, shoot them a message as I think some are quite new and should be available soon. We’ll be back with more squishies in a few weeks.