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    Kawaii Baking Recipes from RoxStarBakes

    Posted on October 18, 2019 by

    When autumn comes around and the temperatures drop, I very suddenly get the strong urge to just bake everything (I’ve probably mentioned this before.) I stay on Pinterest and Youtube for hours just looking for new recipes to try—and end up finding new creators like RoxStarBakes, which is also really exciting, since she specializes in kawaii baking!

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    My favorite recipe video on the channel right now is probably for the Pusheen honey bee cupcakes. These scream spring, but they’re so cute I’m going to make them anyway.

    (One thing I really appreciate about the videos is that they’re well made and include all ingredients and steps directly in the video so there is no confusion.)

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    The channel is also a great place for Gudetama fans; as of right now there are two really cute Gudetama-themed recipes, which can be somewhat difficult to come by. The first one is a eggs and bacon sheet cake that would be really cute for a party.

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    The other video is on how to make Gudetama mermaid cupcakes, which is very exciting for me! As ready as I am for cooler temperatures, these make me miss summer already. I just love them so much.

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    I am a huge nerd when it comes to cute donuts, and I’m always disappointed with how few kawaii donut recipes there really are (especially when I see so many cute donuts from Japan!) So I was really happy to find that the channel has a great step-by-step video on how to make llama donuts.

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    And if you’re looking for a cute statement-making recipe for an upcoming Halloween party, I would suggest check out the kawaii rainbow mummy sheet cake recipe. Sheet cakes are simple enough, so most of the “work” is in the decorating—which is the fun part! It’s probably the cutest Halloween cake I’ve ever seen, and the rainbow palette makes it even better.

    I’m really excited to see future videos from the channel, and there are other videos (including important basics) worth watching, so definitely visit the channel to check those out and subscribe. You can also find more ideas in our kawaii food & recipes section.

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